Shem's Fiction Novel


"Ghosts of the Fathers" A Thriller © 2011

An action-adventure thriller - the first installment of 

The Lars Bascombe Series

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The Quorum––a secret, international alliance––seeks to fund its aim for global control by procuring an ancient store of Inca gold located under the city of Abancay, Peru. Its unwitting pawn of action is a charismatic Peruvian, Luis Asada. Convinced of his imperial heritage––believing it is his destiny is to restore the Inca Empire–an army of Asada's devoted followers engage in ruthless acts of terror.

Billionaire and retired USMC captain Lars Bascombe leads his late father’s disease research expedition in Peru's Apurímac Region. Intense conflict is soon born between the uprising forces of Asada and the vigilance of Lars and his assembled team.

Having recently joined the Bascombe Research Expedition (BRE), anthropologist Coya Pavón is forced to confront the horrors of her Peruvian past in the face of Asada's deeds and impending insurrection.

All paths lead to a climatic showdown in Abancay, but not before the existence and intentions of The Quorum are revealed, and Lars discovers that he is faced with combating an even greater adversary.